15 Everyday Excel Shortcuts

Here is a list of excel shortcuts that I use everyday. Therefore I call them everyday excel shortcuts. I stongly recommend evereybody to learn and start to use these shortcuts. They will boost your speed significantly.

Here is my everyday Excel shortcuts:

Cut, Copy, Paste with lightning speed.

Ctrl + X : Cuts selected cell

Ctrl +C : Copies selected cell

Ctrl + V: Pastes the information you previously cut or copied into selected cell

Paste as values

Menu Key + V : If you prefer to paste values only, this is your shortcut. If your keyboard doesn’t have a menu key (i.e. laptop keyboard), you can try “Fn + Ctrl + V” in this order.

Select a group of cells

Ctrl + A : When one of a group of cells is selected, this key combo selects the whole group.

Instantly move to end of a row or column of values

Ctrl + Arrow Keys : This shortcut will teleport your selection to last unempty cell in a column or row. 

Select Cells with keyboard

Shift + Arrow Keys : With holding down Shift key, you can select cells by using arrow keys.

Instantly select whole column or row of cells

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Keys : This one combines previous 2 shortcuts and selects whole rows or columns of data instantly.

Autosum a column or row of values

Ctrl + = : This works as a substitute for the autosum button located on home ribbon near filters. Adds a SUM function into the cell and selects the row or column of cells next to itself. Just hit Enter then.

Apply last used formatting

F4 : When you are going to dye a bunch of seperate cells or chart elements, or add border, etc. Select the first one and apply that formatting. Then select next and hit F4. Be aware that it will only apply last formatting done.

Refresh all pivot tables and charts

Alt + A + R + A : This will refresh all pivot tables and charts at once. Super handy.

Apply filter to columns

Ctrl + Shift + L : No more selecting title row and clicking here and there for adding filter. Select any cell on title row and use this shortcut. I will add filter to all cells on that row.

Access cell properties

Crtl + 1 : This shortcuts does the same thing as right-clicking on a cell and select Format Cells.

Toggle edit mode in a cell

F2 : While on a cell with a formula, you need to double click or go to formula bar to edit contents of that cell. If you directly start inputting, it will replace cell content. This shortcut lets you toggle input mode without touching your mouse.

Mass Input same value or formula into selected cells

Ctrl + Enter : When you need to input same value into a group of cells, like same month number next to a list, select the cells and input your values. Instead of pressing Enter button alone, press Ctrl + Enter. Same value will be inputted into all selected cells at once.

Please feel free to let us know about your everyday excel shortcuts by leaving a comment below. We can all benefit from your experince and add one into our everyday excel shortcuts too.

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