2018 Excel Calendar

Here is a 2018 Excel calendar with neat design and decent functionality. You can download it and use it to track your daily schedule.

2018 Excel calendar has a list of functionalities:

  • It highlights current date on the calendar.
  • Calendar has month sheets that you can take notes on.
  • You can navigate to month sheets by clicking on the month name on the calendar.
  • You can easily navigate between months by using the buttons on the left side of each sheet.

Here are some information about how I built this calendar:

  • I used hyperlinks for navigation purposes. You can learn how from here.
  • I used conditional formatting for current date highlight. You can learn how from here.

You can download the file from this link: 2018 Excel Calendar

Note: 2018 Excel Calendar will show you a save prompt whenever you try to close it, regardless of whether you made changes or not (Because of this). If this annoys you, you can remove it by deleting the formula on cell F1. However, current date highlight will not work after that and you need to remove all conditional formatting or your calendar will mess up.


1- I have another great calendar for you. It covers 200 years, so you can find any date in past or future. You can download it from 200 years calendar

2- If you liked the use of hyperlinks for navigation, here is another file you might like: Report Template With Hyperlink

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