Area Chart with Additional Impact

Here is a nice way of spicing your area chart with additional impact. It is very easy to apply and works great for single or double series.

Here is how it is done:

You need to create a default area chart first.

Then click on an empty space on your chart open Select Data interface from chart tools. Here you will add a secondary series which is exactly the same as the first one to your chart. It is actually re-adding the same series.

Now we need to format our second data series as line chart. Method of doing this is different in Excel 2013 and earlier versions. You can see pre-2013 version from Combining Two Charts post. I will proceed with Excel 2013 method for this post.

Open Change Chart Type Interface from the button next to Select Data button in chart tools menu. Apply the settings as shown below. This will add your area chart additional impact.

You can see the final chart below.

This trick works for multiple data series too. But it need more adjustments. And results may not be much satisfactory. I have added a two data series version of area chart with additional impact for example. You can download and examine both single and double series versions from here:

Area Chart with Additional Impact

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