Category: Basics

On this page you can find basic Excel Tips and Tutorials.

Using Excel Functions

Excel has a very wide array of functions for your use in various calculations. These functions are grouped into several titles. You may find a...

Select Special

  Select Special tool lets you select multiple cells with certain contents with just one click.

Joining Text in Excel

Have you ever needed to join two ore more text values into one? Yes, excel has a built in function for that too. But it...

Formula Arrows

When there is too much stuff in your workbook and you start to loose which formula uses which cells, formula arrows will set you into...

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting

Have you ever tried to change formatting of a cell or a range of cells based on a condition? If so, conditional formatting is the...

Quick Excel Tip: Transpose

Did you know that you can easily switch rows and columns of a list of values in an instant by copy-paste using transpose option ?