Beatexcel is one year old

Hello everybody! This is one year anniversary of beatexcel. Beatexcel is one year old !

Last year today, I posted my first tutorial about Excel in this site. Since than, things proceeded pretty fast.. Now there is almost 150 posts on the site, ranging from very basic to very advanced. Posts will continue to come at a decent rate.

Recently I changed the design of the site, giving it an online magazine look rather than a blog. You can contact me for any suggestions regarding site design and functionality. Feedback so far is very good.

I also moved beatexcel to a new hosting provider. So far most of the site seems to be fully functioning. I realized contents of 2 posts is missing so far. I am working on it.

Also for the first anniversary of beatexcel, I have an announcement to make. My book about data analysis and visualization is almost ready. It will be available online in short time. Be sure to check back to see if it is out 🙂

Finally, you can reach me from for any suggestions or questions you have either about Excel or beatexcel. All posts will be welcomed 🙂

I sincerely thank everyone that visit beatexcel to get to next level in Excel.

Warmest Regards,


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  1. Raj says:

    Congraluations Melih Met !!!!!
    You are doing fabulous Job.

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