Calculate Quarter from Date

Using quarters of a year for reporting is a very common concept in all kinds of businesses. Unfortunately (and curiously) Excel doesn’t have a function for calculating quarter from date. But there is a workaround. You can easily calculate quarter from date with a small formula.

Business quarters can be calculated with several different approaches. I was calculating quarters of dates with an atrociously long formula before. You can see it here. Then I came across a much easier and shorter formula.

Obviously, most logical way of calculating quarter from date is using month of that date. Quarters are:

Quarter    Month Nr       Month Name
1               1,2,3             January, February, March
2               4,5,6             April, May, June
3               7,8,9             July, August, September
4              10,11,12         October, November, December

Here is how we will calculate quarter from date:

  1. Extract month using MONTH Function
  2. Determine which quarter that month belongs to by dividing it by 3.
  3. Round resulting number to an integer using ROUNDUP Function

=ROUNDUP(MONTH(12.02.2014)/3;0) will result as 1.

Here are some examples that shows the formula to calculate quarter from date in action:

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