Calling Macros to Action

You can call your macros by a couple of easy ways. In this post I’m going to explain how to call your macros to action.

When you finished recording or coding your macro, you need an easy way of calling macros whenever you need. You can either assign your macro to a button or a keyboard shortcut to activate them fast and easy or you can assing it to your Quick Access Toolbar and use it with one click.. You can also run your macros from VBA editor but it is not adviceable for this post.

Assigning Macto to a Button

To assign a macro to a button, you need to insert a button into your worksheet. To insert a button, open developer tab and select button from form controls. When you click on anywhere on your worksheet, Excel will ask you whether you want to assign any macro to this button by displaying Assign Macro dialogue box (shown below). Select your macro from the list and click ok. It is done.

Assigning Macro to a Keyboard Shortcut

To assign a macro to a keyboard shortcut, you need to open Macro window. It is located in Developer Tab, second icon from left.

Macro window is same as Assign Macro window you see above with a couple of additional buttons on the right side. Select the macro you want to assign to a keyboard shortcut.  Click Options button to display available options for your macro.

From here, you can assign your macro to a keyboard shortcut .

Assigning Macro to Quick Access Toolbar

To assign a macro to Quick Access Toolbar, you need to open QAT Customiszation menu and click on More Commands option.

From here you need to select Macros from the drop down list on the left in order to display available macros.

Find and select your macro from this list and click Add button to add your macro to QAT.  Click OK and it is done.

Here are 3 ways of calling macros to action. For more macro tutorials, please visit VBA category of the site.

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