Change Shapes On Charts

Here is a quick tip about how to change shapes on charts. If you ever wondered how can you build a chart like those fancy colorful charts that has columns with pointy edges, here is how to do it.


Here is an example chart that can not be built in excel with using default chart options.change-shapes-on-charts-1


Default chart for the same data will have regular columns instead of the ones with triangular tips.


To change shapes on charts, all you need to do is to insert the shape you want to use from INSERT ribbon into anywhere on your worksheet. Then adjust it’s color, alignment, etc.


When it is ready, copy it and click on any of the columns on your chart and paste.


You can use this trick with almost any shape. Here are some examples:


This trick can also be applied to bar charts:


If you have other practical ways to change shapes on charts, please comment below so we can all benefit from your knowledge too.

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