Change Sheet Shortcut

Here is a valuable shortcut for you. It is called Change Sheet. If you are already using Excel mostly without mouse, this shortcut will come super handy.

I, like I wrote in the first paragraph, use Excel almost without mouse when it comes to working with formulas, tables, copying, pasting, etc. The only thing I was missing was a shortcut to navigate between sheets. This shortcut is probably around for a long time by now but curiously, I haven’t read about it no matter how many sources I checked on Excel shortcuts.

You can easily change sheets using this shortcut:

Ctrl + Pg Up / Ctrl + Pg Down


Using “Ctrl + Pg Up” you can navigate one sheet to left. Using “Ctrl + Pg Dn” you can navigate one sheet to right. The picture below is an illustration of who it works.

Change Sheet 1

If you have any Excel shortcuts that you think is not well-known, please share them with us using the comment box below this post.

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