Changing Comment Shape

Are you bored with rectengular shaped comments? Or may be you need a more interesting shape for your comments? Here is the tutorial for changing comment shape.

changing comment shapeTo change the shape of a comment, you need to have a button that enables shape selection. Since comment formatting options doesn’t includes such tool, you need to arrange a global “Change Shape” button. Here are the steps for doing it:

Open Quick Accress Toolbar menu and click on “More Commands…

Select commands from: Drawing Tools Format Tab.

Select Change Shape from left window and add it to right window by clicking on related arrow button between windows.

Now you are supposed to have Change Shape button on your Quick Access Toolbar.

From now on, you can insert your comments and while they are visible, you can click on their border, then use Change Shape button for changing comment shape.

For further customisation on comments, you can check Customizing Comments.

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