Comparative Trend Chart

When you need to show trend for different periods in a continuous time line, comparative trend chart is the way to go. Lets see how to build one.

Making a comparative trend chart is a very easy task. It is all about arranging data in a way that separate series of trends can be shown in one chart. After ararnging your data, just insert your chart, it is done. That easy.

Lets assume we have the monthly sales revenues of an imaginary company for 2010 to 2012. We want to make a chart that will display  monthly sales trend for all 3 year in the same time axis. Here is how our data looks like:

sample data for comparative trend chart

We need to arrange this data for our purpose. This is how our arranged data looks like:

Arranged dataset for comparative trend chart

Now select all the data exculding colored row and insert a line chart. Here is how it is going to look like:

For more charting tutorials, you can visit our Charting Category.

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