Cool Gauge Chart Visuliations

Here are some very cool gauge chart visuliations for your reports and dashboards. I’ve come across these on some pictures of dashboards while browsing some blogs that I cannot recall (unfortunately). Thought it would be nice to have them in excel. So I decided to give them a try.

Cool Gauge ChartsData set for all these charts are same and very basic. Just setup data like below (B2= 1-B1) then select it and insert your chart.

1.Futuristic Gauge Chart

  • Select the data and insert a donut chart.
  • Select 40% part and set shape fill color to “no fill”.
  • Set shape outline to “no fill” for whole donut.
  • Insert a circle as shape. Drag the circle over your donut and set shape fill to “no fill”, shape outline to the same color as your donut.
  • From shape fill menu, adjust thickness of the circles outline (Weight of the line).
  • Resize your circle so that it becomes just a little bigger then your donut.
  • Add a textbox and set shape fill to “no fill”, shape outline to the same color as your donut.
  • While textbox is selected, write =B1 into formula bar. Now texbox will show the value of cell B1.
  • Arrange font size and allign your texbox and it is ready to serve.

2. Subtle Gauge Chart

This one is pretty simple. Apply first two steps of previous chart but for 40% part, instead of using “no fill”, use a lighter tone of the color you use for 60% part. Then proceed to textbox part and it is done.

3. Intense Gauge Chart

This one is the opposite of the second gauge chart. With use of intense effect format in the inner area, it shoves its number into your eye. Here is how to make one:

  • Select the data and insert a pie chart.
  • Select 40% part and set shape fill color to “no fill” and shape outline to “no fill”.
  • Insert a circle and place it in the middle of your pie.
  • Arrange circle size to be a little smaller than the pie.
  • Set circle color to a color you like. Use intense effect format from format menu if you want impact.
  • Add the text box and format it.

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4 Responses

  1. Raj says:

    Fabulous looks great. Can you attached excel working file.

    • melih says:

      I checked my files and could not find that file (curious…). But I believe that instructions are pretty clear and you probably won’t have any problems building them.
      I am going to try to add files for upcoming visualization posts.

  2. Ivan says:

    is is possible to add conditional formatting to this guage? perhaps a VBA script that changes its colour from green to Red when the value is below x ?

  3. gossip_boi says:

    The third one can be made of two charts: ring and pie. I think its going to be much easier!

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