Copy Worksheet Between Workbooks

When it is needed to copy a worksheet from one workbook to another, most people do that by copying contents of a worksheet and pasting it to an empty sheet on another workbook. In this post I’ll show you how to easily copy worksheet between workbooks.

For this example, we will use two imaginary reports. Names of the reports are:

  • Super Nice Report
  • Cool Report

Super Nice Report is already finished and we are starting to build the Cool Report. We want to copy the Helper worksheet from Super Nice Report to Cool Report.

Here is the easy way to copy worksheet between workbooks:

Open both reports. Right-click on the sheet you want to copy inside Super Nice Report and select “Move or Copy…”

Copy Worksheet Between Workbooks 1

Move or Copy window will be displayed. Notice the drop-down box named “To book:” on the upper section.

Copy Worksheet Between Workbooks 2

Select the workbook which you want your sheet copied to. We will select Cool Report for this example.

Copy Worksheet Between Workbooks 3

Do not forget to check “Create a copy” box on the lower part of the window. Otherwise Excel will move your sheet, instead of copying.

Copy Worksheet Between Workbooks 4

You can also determine where you want your sheet to be placed from “Before sheet:” box. When you click “OK”, a copy of Helper sheet will appear on Cool Report.

Copy Worksheet Between Workbooks 5

Important Note: It is always a good practice to check if there are formulas of your copied sheet. Formulas on the copied sheet will be copied with their original references. If there is a couple of formulas on your sheet, you can modify them manually. Otherwise you may try to use this trick to set it right.




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