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We have been over customizing ribbons in a previous post. Now let’s see how we can create custom ribbon in Excel.

Starting with Excel 2007, Excel received a new interface with tabbed menus which is called ribbon. All the tools you can use are accessible through this ribbon. But it comes with the most used ones as default. Therefore you need to add/remove some of the tools based on your preferences.

Excel is quite flexible on this feature. It even lets you create custom ribbon so that you can arrange your tools to maximum fit your needs. Here is how to do it:

The fastest way to reach Customize Ribbon menu is to right-click on an empty space on any ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon. You can also reach same menu from FILE->Options->Customize Ribbon.

create custom ribbon 1

Customize Ribbon interface has two windows. Left window lists the tools available and right window lists the tabs. You can add and remove tools into tabs using the buttons between these two windows.

create custom ribbon 2

You can also create a new ribbon using the “New Tab” button located under the right window.

create custom ribbon 3

Doing this will add a new ribbon into your Excel interface. Let’s add a new ribbon and name it Beatexcel. You can rename your tab using the Rename button located right side of New Tab button.

create custom ribbon 4

Your new tab will be added into your menu ribbon with an empty new group. You can also change placement of your custom tab using the buttons located right side of the right window.

In order to populate your tab with tools, you need to use Customize Ribbon menu from options.

Make sure that your new group under your new tab is highlighted in right window

create custom ribbon 5

and then you can add tools into your new group by highlighting them and pressing Add button from between windows.

create custom ribbon 6

As the result of this action, your selection of tools will be added to your new toolbar.

create custom ribbon 7

If your new tool shows up as inactive on your ribbon, save the workbook and it will become active.

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