Custom Excel Autofill Lists

As we saw in Excel Autocomplete and Autofill post, excel is very helpful in data inputting matters. It helps you for inputting data in several cases. Yet excel doesn’t recognize all data patterns. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to teach excel data patterns so you can use excel autofill as you like.

Lets explain this over an example:

You live in USA and naturally you use US regional settings for your operating system. But you are making a daily list in German. So are going to write days of the week (Montag, Dienstag,…) but excel will not auto fill these days for you like it does for Monday,Tuesday,…

Reason is simple, Excel gets days of week pattern from your OS. And since it is set to US, it will recognize days in English. If you want days in German to be recognized you need to tell excel that they are a pattern.

To do this;

  1. Navigate to file screen from ribbon and enter options from left menu.
  2. Navigate to Advanced section and scroll to bottom.
  3. Click on Edit Custom Lists button shown below.
  4. Enter your custom list here. To separate items, press enter. Or you can define an already made list as a custom list by selecting that range from this screen. Click ok and you are done.

From now on, excel will recognize days in German as a pattern and can use excel autofill with German days.


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