Custom Number Formats In Excel

Sometimes you need to deal with very large numbers with alot of digits. They are hard to read at a glance, messes your table layouts, chart data labels, etc. There is no need to get annoyed by something like this. Because you can easily format these large numbers using custom number formats in excel.

There are a number of preset options for formatting numbers in excel. You can put commas to indicate thousands, you can increase/decrease decimals, you can choose a preset format from several different categories. You can do all this from home ribbon or format cells dialog box.

But when you need to use a format different than these, you need to define a custom number format. You can do this from format cells dialogbox as well.

Here are some pointers for how to make custom number formats:

Custom Code Result (for 1,234,567)
0, 1,235
0,0, 1,235
0.00, 1234,57
0,, 1
0.0,, 1,2
0,k 1235k
0.0,k 1234,6k
$0.0, $1234,6


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