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Microsoft introduced Slicers with Excel 2010 and we all fell in love with it. Filtering tables and pivot tables became much more fun after we have slicers. They also look very nice therefore making our reports more eye pleasing. But you can easily customize slicers and have much better looking menus.

Here is how a default slicer looks:

You can easily customize appearance of this slicer using Slicer Tools. You can change color theme, number of columns or rows of buttons on slicer.

But changes you make to customize slicers are not limited to these. If you expand slicer styles list, you will notice an option that reads New Slicer Style. You can use this menu to customize slicers to an extend that they look like professionally created menus.

When you click on New Slicer Style a window will be displayed that you can customize various properties of slicers. When you select any of these properties and press Format button under the list, default cell formatting window will be displayed. From here you can change colors, fonts, borders, etc.

Since there is lots of properties that can be customized, I will add a couple of custom slicers and let you test rest of customizing options yourself. Make your changes and your custom slicer style will be added to slicer styles list. All you need to do now is to select your slicer and apply your custom style.

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  1. Dinesh Bashyal says:

    Can We Fill Color In Europe Only in example slicer , But I don’t need For Other Unique name .

  1. November 29, 2016

    […] and width as 1,2cmx1,2cm. Change colors to match with your charts. You can see how to do this from Customize Slicers. Here is how it should look […]

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