Customizing Comments

Default excel comments are somewhat ugly as we all know. That strange color and font definately aren’t most fancy stuff. But you can do alot of customization on comments and make them look awsome. See tips for customizing comments…

customizing comments

For any reason, when you want to use a comment, all you need to do is to select the cell that you want your comment to be associate with. Selecting “Insert Comment” from right-click menu.

After you insert your comment, It will have your user info on it by default. You can either let it stay or delete it. You can input your comment inside. After you click on aywhere else in the sheet, your comment will be hidden by default. You can toggle “Hide/show Comment” from right-click menu.

While your comment is shown there are pretty much options for customizing comments. If you right-click on it, you can edit your text only. If you right-click on the border of that comment, you can edit almost every aspect of your comment. Here is how Format Comment window looks like:

I’m not going to go over all the options here since it will be a very long post. You can check the options yourself and explore possibilities. But I’am going to add some example comments for giving a little insight about what can you do.

Default Comment:

Font changed, background color changed, allignment changed

Font changed, background:texture, allignment changed

Font changed, background:picture

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