Don’t Count Columns for Vlookup

If you are using Vlookup function like everybody, you are likely to count columns while writing your formula. Don’t count columns for Vlookup anymore, because Excel already shows you how many columns are selected.

You may find how to use Vlookup Function here.

As a part of it’s syntax, you need to specify from which column you want to lookup values. To do that, you need to input a number indicating how many columns to the left your vlookup formula needs to go.

People generally tends to count columns during writing vlookup formulas. It can be manageable with a couple of columns to count. But when you have to many columns to count (like 40-50) it can be quite unpleasant.

Don’t count columns for Vlookup, because while selecting table array your vlookup formula, Excel shows you how many columns are selected. You can use this information as your column index number without counting columns again.

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  1. Gopinath says:

    Use vlookup without enter columns no

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