Dynamic Chart Title

Are you updating your chart title manually all the time for certain changes in data. It is time that you set a dynamic chart title for that chart and let it update itself dynamically.

I will use dynamic chart title in a lot of charting tutorials. You can check any of interactive chart examples in this site for a working example.

Setting a dynamic chart title is pretty easy. All you need to do is set a cell in another sheet (for example: Sheet2) that you intend to update by any means. Arrange that cells formula to show what you like to see as your chart title. Here is an example:

Lets assume that you have a date you update on cell A1 of Sheet2. You want your chart title to show “Sales Figures for date”. So in cell C1, type the formula below:

=“Sales Figures for “&A1

Now go to your chart and click on chart title. While chart title is selected write this formula in formula bar:


Now your chart title will show contents of cell C1 of Sheet2. Since whenever cell A1 changes in Sheet2, cell C1 in same sheet will be updated. Thus your chart title will change dynamically by itself. Here is your dynamic chart title 🙂

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