Easy Excel Waffle Chart

Here is a very easy to make Excel Waffle Chart for you. It is sipmle, versatile and take almost no time to prepare.

excel waffle chartA waffle chart shows progress towards a target or a completion percentage. There is a grid of small cells in the chart and they get colored depending on the progress made, until it is 100%. It is pretty easy stuff.

I’m using conditional for building this excel waffle chart. Here are the steps:

Make a grid of 10X10 and resize cell sizes to “20px x 20px”.

Fill same amonut of cells some cells next to it with numbers from 1 to 100 (see below picture).

Enter your percentage value that will control the chart into a cell near the grid.

Set following conditional formatting rule for first cell in the base of leftmost column (Be attentive about $ signs in formulas). Then copy it and paste as formatting to other cells in the grid.

I’ve set white fill (not blank) for first rule and pink fill for the second rule. Only fill, nothing else.

Now insert a text box and set it equal to the percentage value you previously entered. To do that, you need to click on the text box once, then write “=C15” or what cell your percentage is in, into the formula bar.

Format text box (no outline, no fill, bold text, font 14, text fill with same color as the grid). Place it anywhere on the grid.

Now your excel waffle chart is ready. Copy the grid and paste it as a linked picture into another sheet where your charts will be located. You can multiply your charts using already entered numbers and stuff on the fisrt page and generate as many charts as you need.

Here is the download link for this Excel Waffle Chart. You can download and check it for yourself.

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