Editing Multiple Formulas

Here is a very useful tip about editing multiple formulas at once. This one will save you a lot of time and effort whenever you need to edit more than a couple of formulas at once.

I will explain this concept over a simple example. Here is a bunch of SUMIF formulas that are supposed to sum monthly sales revenue.

Editing Multiple Formulas 1

But we realize that our formula is searching for months in wrong column. Instead of searching for months in column A, we need to search column C for months.

Editing Multiple Formulas 2

This means all of our SUMIF formulas needs to be adjusted to search months in column C.

Here is how to do it fast and easy:

Copy range part of your formula as shown below:

Editing Multiple Formulas 3

  • Select all the cells that has your formula (or whole column).
  • Press Ctrl+F (Find). Switch to “Replace” tab and paste your range into “Find what” box.
  • Than paste it again into “Replace with” box but replace letters A with C in this box like shown below.

Editing Multiple Formulas 4

Press “Replace All” button. And all your formulas will be updated with your new range.

Editing Multiple Formulas 5

Now you can check and see that all your formulas are searching for months in column C instead of column A.

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