Equation Tools

You can insert equations in Excel (also in other MS Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint) as symbols using Equation Tools. In this article, I will show you how to use Equation Tools.

I need to remind you that these equations that you will be entering using Equation Tool are not actual equations that makes calculations. They are visualizations of the equations that you use for your calculations.

You can access Equation Tools from the button located far side of INSERT ribbon. It is located under Symbol Group.

Equation Tools 1

When you click to the arrow located on the right of the button, a drop down list will open for you to select equation templates for easy insertion. You can quickly insert an equation from this list than edit it to suit your needs.

Equation Tools 2

If you click on the button itself, Equation Tools Ribbon will be displayed. This ribbon supply you with a lot of tools for entering equations as you need. You can still access equation templates from this ribbon. Plus, you can access a large selection of symbols and formula structures.

Equation Tools 3

When you insert an equation, Equation Tool lets you edit each part of the equation separately.

Equation Tools 4

When you finish your equation, you can copy it and paste it into other MS Office Applications. It will be pasted as an equation. Since Equation Tool is available in those applications too, you can also edit your equations on those applications.

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