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You can find tips and tutorials about Excel charts and data visualization with Excel on this page.
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Excel Gantt Chart

Here is an easy way of creating an Excel Gantt Chart which is pretty responsive and looks nice. It is actually a bar chart formatted...

Line Chart with Arrow

You can add an arrow at the end of your line charts to better emphasize trend. Creating a line chart with arrow is no different...

Copy Chart Formatting

  Did you know that you can format several of your charts in a workbook at once? Here is how to copy chart formatting.

Cool Gauge Chart Visuliations

Here are some very cool gauge chart visuliations for your reports and dashboards. I’ve come across these on some pictures of dashboards while browsing some...

Comparison Chart

Here is a combination chart with a trick. It is very compact and it shows comparison between two series very clearly. It is especially useful...

Easy Excel Waffle Chart

Here is a very easy to make Excel Waffle Chart for you. It is sipmle, versatile and take almost no time to prepare.