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You don’t need to know how to code VBA in order to make macros that does basic tasks. There is a handy tool named Excel Macro Recorder. You can record your actions as a macro and have Excel repeat them whenever you like.

Excel Macro Recorder featured

Macro recording is a very easy process. All you need to do is to click on Record Macro button which is located in Developer Tab and perform the actions you want recorded. When finished, click on Stop Recording button. And you have your macro ready for use.


You can also reach same buttons from status bar:

Now lets record our first macro. Our first macro will make change the formatting of the cell we select.

Click on Record Macro button. Excel will display Record Macro dialouge box and ask for a name. Name your macro and hit ok button.

Click any cell and perform these actions:

  • Make text formatting bold.
  • Make font italic.
  • Change background color as red.

Stop recording after you finished. Insert a button and assign your macro to this button (how to).

Now you can change multiple formatting options of a cell with one click. Click any cell then click on your button to see it working (try unempty cells for better observation).

Congratulations, you made your first macro with Excel Macro Recorder.

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2 Responses

  1. Tiva says:

    HI, I’m using this macro for creating formula for a column..but everytime I use the macro, the formula works with a catch.. in a random single cell (anywhere in the sheet), the formula will replace any data in the sheet. I dont know why it happens or how to control that.

    • melih says:

      You need to debug your macro (run the code row by row) to find out which part of your code causes the problem. You can access Vba interface with alt+F11 shortcut. Display your codes ther by selecting from left side. Click on the header of each row and press F5 to run your code. Check back your worksheet after each F5 to see what happened.
      When you see the behaviour you mention, that is caused by the code you just ran.

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