Excel Shortcut: Paste as Value

For me, this is the best Excel shortcut ever. I came across this one late in 2013 and been using it almost daily at work. I bet you will like it too.

I learned this one from Chandoo. He is a well-known Excel guru and an inspiration for me.

Often times we need to copy values from cells with formulas to other locations in our workbooks. Since formulas adapt to new locations when pasted and their target cells changes accordingly (Absolute and Relative References), they will return different values than the original ones. Therefore we need to paste them as values. Our regular Ctrl + V shortcut will not do it.

This is normally done by after copying cells, right-clicking to target cell and select Paste as Value from Paste Options menu.

You can do this by pasting values with “Menu button” + V shortcut. Use it a couple of times and you will never use the right-click menu version of paste as value ever again.

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