Excel Shortcuts

Like most of the other applications out there, excel has its shortcuts too. As the name states, they are here to cut your work short for you. Let’s take a look at some of excel shortcuts.


Ctrl+F1: While on any single or a range of cells, if you press Ctrl+F1, you’ll get cell formatting window. In this window you can format your cell to your hearts content.

F2 : This shortcut acts as a double click on any cell. To modify cell contents or to see the formula in that cell for example, you can use Ctrl+F2.

Ctrl + / Ctrl – : When a column or a row header is selected, pressing Ctrl and + at the same time will add a column(s) or a row(s) depending on your selection. Similarly, pressing Ctrl and – will delete a column(s) or a row(s) depending on your celection. You’ll see at first use that this is way more convenient than traditional way.

F9 : Pressing F9 will make excel recalculate all the formulas in your current worksheet.

Shift+Arrows: This shortcut makes you select ranges of cells on demand. When on a cell, press “shift” and any “arrow” button to select the range of cells in the direction that arrow points. This will continue to select cells as long as you keep pressing the buttons.

Ctrl+Arrows: This shortcut is a total time saver. Selecting a cell, than pressing “Ctrl” and any “arrow” key will instantly take you to the next unempty cell. Use it when;

  • you need to move to the end of a list of values,
  • you need to move to next unempty cell in a range of cells.

Ctrl+Shift+Arrows: Here comes the real magic! As mentioned above, “shift+arrow” selects a range of cells and “ctrl+arrow” moves instantly to the end of a list. When you combine these to, “Ctrl+Shift+Arrow” will select a range of cells in the arrows direction for you instantly. No more clicking and dragging the cursor till eternity!

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