Excel Slicers

With Excel 2010, we have a very cool tool named Excel Slicers for filtering pivot tables and pivot charts dynamically with one click. Your reports will have a professional look without any effort.

After you created your pivot table and/or pivot chart you can insert a slicer from pivot table options menu on top ribbon by clicking “insert slicer” button.  When you click the button, a small window will be presented with a list of available data headers than you can use as a filter. You can choose only one item from this list. But you can insert several Excel slicers into your workbook.

You can check Interactive Report With Slicers to Excel Slicers it on action.

What good Excel slicers do?

  • Slicers filter your pivot tables and pivot charts with one click.
  • You can make multi selections on a slicer with Ctrl+click
  • Slicers look good. Way better than traditional filters of pivot table and pivot chart.
  • Slicers can be associated with several pivot tables and pivot charts at the same time.
  • Slicers can be associated with pivot tables and pivot charts from different worksheets.
  • You can place your slicers in anywhere in your workbook with any size.

I have prepared an example workbook for you to play with slicers and see how nice they are 🙂

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