Excel Table

Excel Table is a must know feature of excel! It is like a bunch of useful features packed into one for your convenience.

excel_tables (1)Excel Table is very easy to apply. Just select a range of cells and select table from insert menu and click ok. That’s it. You will see that your list of values turned into a table.


Now you have a table for your data which has following attributes:

  • All of your ranges are now named ranges.
  • You get instant formatting like header row and zebra lines.

  • When you add a column and make a calculation in first cell, it will copy your formula to all cells of that column automatically.

excel_tables (1)

  • Your ranges are now dynamic. When you add new lines of data under your table, it will automatically take that data inside the table and your formulas and calculated fields are going to get updated automatically.

Especially the last feature is a total life saver if you are adding data to your list regularly. Since for each data addition;

  • it rearranges all the column lengths
  • apply your calculations on static columns for these new ranges
  • and ultimately, your formulas that covers a whole column as a range also recalculates its range and includes new values into calculations.

You may download our example workbook for a sample application of Excel Table and inspect it.

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