Excel Task Manager

Here is a task manager with a progress bar. You can input your daily tasks, give priorities, mark them partially or fully completed and see your daily progress at the same time. Pretty easy to make, pretty easy to use.

excel task manager

I will keep it short this time since all of the components are already explained in previous posts. Here are the components used in this task manager:

Now, a quick walkthrough about how to build a task manager:

First make a list layout for task list (see example column headers below).

Make an importance list on another sheet. On importance column, apply data validation. Select the importance list you make as source data.

Make a list for completion status with percentages on another sheet. Insert one combo box for each task and select status list you made as source data.

Now return to second sheet where you made your lists and make a new list that consists of these columns:

Column formulas can be checked from example workbook. Here is explainations:

  • Y/N column checks whether there is any task inputted for that task nr.
  • Status column is filled by status combo boxes.
  • St Value column is interpreting selected status values to completion percentages.
  • Importance column is interpreting selected importance values to percentages.
  • Total value is Y/N x Importance
  • Comp. Value is Total Value x St Value.

Now take total of Total Value at the bottom of the column and input sum(comp value)/sum(total value) to the bottom of Comp. Value column. Also add a 100% value next to them. These are going to be input values for our chart. When you add a task to the list and set a priority, it eill change total value. As you change it’s status, comp value will increase.

Now make a progress chart (tutorial link above) by using dynamic Comp. Value and static 100% value. Cut it from here and paste it on sheet1.

Lastly, select your first task row on task list and apply conditional formatting. Select formatting based on formula option and use “Y/N value for task1 on sheet2 = 1” as rule. Copy this row and paste formatting to other rows of the list.

Now make some tests, add tasks, change importance and completion status. I think you are done 🙂

Here is the example workbook for Excel Task Manager. You can download it and check features, formulas easily.

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