Excel Templates

If you need a specific type of example file or a template about specific topic, you can check Excel Templates from Microsoft before anything else. Here is where to find them…

There is 3 easy way for reaching excel templates:

1. My templates

There is not much at Templates Category at this point but template count will increase eventually.

2. From within Excel:

From file tab, click on New. Excel will present you a bunch of templates (originated from office.com that are organized in categories. You can select and download whichever you like. You are free to edit them or use them as they are.

3. office.microsoft.com

You can find some very nice excel templates here. They are fresh, new and professional. Site will try to make you download with using ActiveX. But if you presistantly click No for download(activex) related questions, you will get manual download link eventually. From there on, it will allways be click and download.

Additionally, you can search web for more excel templates. I can not comment on quality or safety of the files you will find but it might also worth a look.

And you can also save your forms as templates for repeatitive use. This will be explained in a future post.

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