Excel Thermometer Charts

Excel thermometer charts are very popular on beatexcel. Especially Excel Progress Chart post is one of the most popular ever. So I decided to post a collection of thermometer charts for you to discover other builds more easily.

Thermometer charts are simple charts that are used for showing progress. Typically thermometer charts has two data series, one static and one dynamic. When dynamic series value is changed, it will move towards or against static data series on the chart generating a thermometer effect.

Here are some applications of Excel thermometer charts.

Progress Bar Chart: This is a simple chart that fills with added data while displaying a percentage of achievement against a target. Very useful for visualizing progress.

progress bar chart

Loading Bar Chart: More designs for your progress bar chart. These charts are made mainly using conditional formatting. Therefore they are not standard charts that has labels, etc. These can rather be classified as incell charts. But this design is also available for regular progress bar chart inside the link above.


Excel Gauge Chart: This chart is another fancy design for thermometer charts. This time chart is designed as a gauge. It shows progress like a speed gauge.


Cool Gauge Chart Visualizations: Here are some cool designs for your gauge chart. It doesn’t hurt to have some modern designs don’t you think so?

Cool Gauge Charts

If you like thees charts, you should check Interactive Excel Charts too.

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