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You may need to save your file on excel to pdf every once in a while. Because you may want to distribute your work in a more secure and cross-platform file type. This post will show you how to save your files from excel to pdf file.

Saving files from excel to pdf was covered in this site some time ago. But it was mentioned in another post together with a couple of another file distribution styles. Since it might get passed easily, I decided to cover it alone in a post.

You can also check this post that instructs you about how to save multi-sheet excel files as multi-page pdf files. It is also a very convenient way of distributing information.

Here is a step by step explanation of how can you save files from excel to pdf:

  1. Have your file ready for saving. excel to pdf 1
  2. Navigate to File menu located on top left side of Excel window. excel to pdf 2
  3. From there, select “Save As” option and select a directory to save your file into. excel to pdf 3
  4. Excel is going to open “Save File As…” window as seen below: excel to pdf 4
  5. Enter a file name and change “Save as type” field as PDF from drop-down menu. Press Save button.excel to pdf 5
  6. And your work is saved as pdf file. It will open automatically as if you checked “Open file after publising” option on save interface.excel to pdf 6

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