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Treemap is an easy and beautiful way of visualizing layered data. It represents your data set in a way that is visually pleasing and easy to understand. This post will show you how to create an Excel Treemap.

Following tutorial is showing how to build a treemap chat in Excel 2016. Treemap Chart is not available as a build-in chart type for the versions of Excel prior to 2016.

In our example, I will use the population of countries, grouped by continents. I took the data from:


Arranging data took some time but I managed to prepare this dataset:Excel Treemap 1

Notice how the list is ordered as Continent -> Country -> Population. With this dataset, all we need to do is to select whole data and insert an Excel Treemap. It is located in Inset ribbon along with other charts under “Hierarchy Chart” group.Excel Treemap 2

Click on Hierarchy Chart and then on Treemap to insert an Excel Treemap.Excel Treemap 3

Your chart will be created at that instant.Excel Treemap 4

You can apply some formatting if you choose to. Or select a pre-made style from chart styles menu. Here is the one I use:Excel Treemap 5

You can download this Chart along with the data from this link:

Download Excel Treemap Chart


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3 Responses

  1. Mete Lika says:

    I guess this type of chart is only available for 2016 version.

  2. Sasha Arroyo says:

    Oceania would be even smaller if this chart was correct. Brazil, Argentina, Peru Venezuela et al are South America

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