Excel Waterfall Chart

Now we are going to enhance it to look really nice.

Let’s start with connector lines. These lines make it easier for viewers to see each box starts from where previous box ends. We again going to arrange some data in order to get lines just where we want them. Here are our connector lines data:

excel waterfall chart 6

Here is our connector lines data detailed (Again, formulations are necessary in order to have responsive connector lines.):


excel waterfall chart 7

Now we need to add these new data series into our chart data one by one.

excel waterfall chart 8

This is how your charts data series should look like at this point:

excel waterfall chart 9

And this is how your chart look like at this point:

excel waterfall chart 10

Now arrange your new data series as line chart and make sure original data series stays as stacked column chart.

If you do it right, this is how your chart should look like:

excel waterfall chart 11

Select your lines one by one and format them as follows:

  • Color: Black
  • Width: 1,5pt
  • Dash Type: Small dots (2nd option from list)

Here is the result:

excel waterfall chart 12

Now comes the labels. Click one of your boxes, now click on it again (This is for selecting only that box. With first click, Excel activates all boxes for that series. Second click deactivates all others and left your box active). Now right-click on the same box and add label.

Now apply following formatting to all labels:

  • Set font color to light gray
  • Set font to bold
  • Set custom number format go get short labels that fits into boxes ($#,k for positive and $-#,k for negative labels)
  • While at it, apply same custom number format to vertical axis too.

With box width arranged, gridlines formatted and title changed, here is your finished chart:

excel waterfall chart 13

If you like to download this excel waffle chart and check it yourself, you can get it from this link.

Download Excel Waterfall Chart

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment for any questions, suggestions or just to say hi 🙂

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  1. Great guide! But this way good for rare using of waterfall charts. If you create waterfall charts often and in large quantities, you should automate the creation process. You can do it easy if you install Waterfall Chart Studio Excel add-in http://fincontrollex.com/?page=products&id=1&lang=en
    By the way, waterfall charts become the standard type in Excel 2016. But if you use older version of Excel, Waterfall Chart Studio will be useful for you.

  1. May 4, 2016

    […] How to create a waterfall chart with older versions of Excel. […]

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