Export Table From PDF to Excel

Here is another easy way to export table from pdf to Excel. This method solves age old problem of exporting data tables from pdf to Excel.

Here is a sample file with some text and a data table. We are going to export table from pdf to excel.

Here is how to do it:

Open a new Excel file and navigate to Data tab. Click on Get Data button navigate to “From PDF” as shown below.

Click on “From PDF” button and locate the pdf file which you are going to export table from. Then click on Import button.

Excel is going to try to find exportable content and show you for selection. Select the table you want to export from this window. Then press ”Transform Data” button.

Excel will import the table you selected into Power Query Editor as shown below. Check the table and it’s contents (columns, headers, values, etc.). If all is ok, click on “Close & Load” button.

Your data table will be placed as an Ecel table into the sheet like shown below:


If you are looking an alternative way to export table from pdf to Excel, you might want to check my other tutorial which is equally practical and a little less confusing.

PDF to Excel


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