Fill Series

If you ever had to create a series of numbers or a numbered list in Excel, you probably did so by dragging the fill handle for as long as you need to create a series of numbers. Here is a more convenient way of creating number series.

Here is how to fill series easily:

Imagine you need to create a series of numbers in column, A starting from 1 to 1000. Just select cell

Write the first number of your series to a cell.

Then navigate to Home ribbon and click on Fill Series tool as shown below. It is located under Fill menu in Editing group.

When you click on Series… option, a window like the one below will pop up.

Here, you need to select step value (1 means numbers in the series will increase one by one) and stop value. For our example, we need to input 1 to step value and 1000 to stop value.

When you click OK, Excel will fill the column from A2 to A1001 with values from 1 to 1000.

I think, especially for longer series, this method is easier than dragging fill handle for hundreds or thousands of rows.


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