Find Links in Excel

Do you see the warning about your Excel file having links to other files but you cannot find the links anywhere? This short article will show you how to find links in Excel.

You can search for many things in Excel. Formulas, links, comments are just some examples. If your Excel file has links to other files and you can’t find them anywhere on your workbook, there is a very easy way to find them.

Here is how you know that there are links in your Excel file:

To find where these links are located in your workbook, type Ctrl+F to open find tool and click on options button.

Type .xl into text box and set within box as “workbook”. Then click on Find Next button.

This will select the first cell with a comment Excel can find. If you want to find all comments in your workbook, click on “Find All” button. This time Excel will list all links in the workbook in a window below find tool.



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