First Empty Cell In A Column (Excel VBA)

Locating first empty cell in a column is a common issue for alot of macros that are designed selecting cells or pasting values to orher cells. Here is a quick and very easy approach for this issue.

Lets break first empty cell in a column phrase to get a better understanding. What we are looking for is;

  • A cell
  • With a value = “” (empty)
  • Inside a known range

So here is how you seach for an empty cell in a column A:

Sub Find_First_Empty_Row()

Dim x As Range                                           ‘   Declare a variable as a range object

For Each x In Range(“A:A”)                      ‘  Search for our range object inside column A

If x.Value = “” Then                                    ‘   Check whether cell value is blank

x.Select                                                          ‘   Select the cell

Exit For                                                         ‘   Stop searching

End If                                                            ‘  End condition

Next x                                                            ‘   End loop

End Sub

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