Group Data in Excel

You can group data in Excel to use worksheet space more efficiently. Grouped columns and rows can be collapsed and expanded easily to hide or show them whenever you want.

Here is a simple data set that shows quarterly cost and profit figures.

We want to summarize our table to show only totals. We also want it to show quarterly values when we need them. To achieve this, we can group our data.

To group data in Excel, you need to select columns (or rows) you want grouped. In our example, I select columns B to E. This will group quarters of 2015 under 2015 total column.

Then, while columns are selected, press Group button. It is located on Data Ribbon.

This will result as shown below. Selected columns will become collapsible and a collapse/show button will be placed over the column next to them.

Repeat same process for quarters of 2016 and 2017 to have a completely summarized table. Now your table can be collapsed to show only annual totals or can be expanded to show quarterly figures.

Now you can group data in Excel to save worksheet space, so you can tell more with your data.


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