Hide/Show Sheet Tabs

You can hide/show sheet tabs in Excel to prevent users seeing and accessing sheets that you don’t want them to.

Sometimes you may want to hide certain interface items on Excel. For restricting interaction or just for tidiness. Most of them can be done from toolbars or right-click menus. But if you want to hide not only certain sheets but sheets tab completely, it can only be done from options menu.

Here you see bottom left corner of a default workbook with sheet tabs enabled.

While on this workbook, access options through file menu and navigate do “Advanced” tab. Here scroll down until you see “Display options for this workbook: (your workbook) “. Uncheck the box named “Show sheet tabs” and click OK.

Now bottom left corner of your workbook will look like the picture below. You will notice that sheet tabs are no longer there. You can’t change sheets, hide or unhide them.

You need to re-check “Show sheet tabs” option to make sheet tabs visible again.

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