Hiding Excel Formulas

Sometimes you may not want users to see your formulas for a number of reasons. If that is the case, I have good news for you: Hiding Excel formulas is very easy.

Let’s say we have a formula that calculates bonus for our sales personnel. We are going to distribute this as a calculator but don’t want people to see our formulation (we are probably using different formulas for everybody).

Here is the current state of our formulation:

To hide the formula, right click on the cell that contains the formula and access format cells menu. Navigate to protection tab. You will see 2 options. Locked( checked by default) and Hidden (unchecked by default).

Check Hidden option and press ok button to close this menu. You will notice that nothing is changed so far. That’s because this options will become active when you protect your worksheet or workbook.

To protect your worksheet, navigate to REVIEW ribbon and click on Protect Sheet button. Excel will pop a window with a set of options and an optional password area. Make sure to read all options (some needs scrolling down the list). When satisfied with chosen options (and password if you like) press ok and lock your sheet.

Now if you check back the cell with the formula you wanted to hide, you will see that no formula is displayed in formula bar when you click on the cell.

If you want to unhide your formula or to edit, all you need to do is to unprotect your worksheet the same way you protected it.

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