High-Low-Close Chart

Here is a chart for showing an interval of distribution and avarage value together in nice and compact style. With a little formatting, you can have a very eye pleasing visuliation.

You need to have your data arranged like this for this chart to work. So you will need maximum value, minimum value and avarage value colums for your data.

After you arrange your dataset, select from A2 to D14 and from INSERT tab, click Recommended Charts button. This will display Insert Chart window. Navigate to All Charts tab and select High-Low-Close chart from Stock charts.

Your initial chart will look like this:

Now lets make some cosmatic work on this chart.

  • Change chart name to Sales.
  • Right click on the vertical lines on the chart (High-Low Line) and access format menu.
  • Set line color to gray and line width to “5 pt”. Also set cap type to “round”.
  • Select “Avg” data series on the chart and set marker to circle, fill to Solid fill and fill color to black.
  • Set dot width to 2.5 pt.
  • Also change min value of vertical axis to 6000 to make your charted values more visible.

Here is the final product:

You can add labels for Avg values if you like to increase the level of detail.

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