How to Make Drop Down Lists in Excel

In this article, you will learn how to make drop down lists in Excel in a matter of seconds.

Drop down lists are easy to make and use. To make a drop down list in Excel, you need to have a list of values. This list needs to be a vertical list.

  1. Select the cell you want your drop down list to be at.

2. Navigate to DATA tab in menu ribbon. Locate and click on Data Validation button.

3. Select “List” from first box (Allow box).

4. A box named “Source” will appear at the bottom. Fill this box with the address of your list of values (you can click into the box then go select the list).

5. Press ok and your drop down list is ready.

You can copy and paste the cell with drop down list anywhere in your workbook. It will continue to work as the original.

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