Hyperlinks lets yo link your content to other contents within or outside of your workbook. Be it another sheet or another workbook, even a web page. As long as you set a hyperlink to that content, it is very easy to navigate.

Hyperlink is a very nice tool for making our reports interactive and user friendly. You can give away of easy navigation to users of your worksheets. You can reach outside content with just one click. Users of your reports will enjoy such traits.

Setting a hyperlink is a very easy task. Just right-click on any object, text, shape, etc. and select hyperlink from menu.

hyperlink (1)

Excel will display Insert Hyperlink window. From here you can set where do you want your hyperlink to go. Possible selections are;

Existing File or Web Page: You can set your hyperlink to navigate to any file in your computer by specifying a path to it. Or you can type a web address to set your hyperlink to navigate to. For both options excel will show you recent files and visited webpages to select from.

Place in This Document: You can set your hyperlink to navigate to any cell in any sheet in your current workbook from here. Excel will display a list of sheets and defined names in your workbook for you to select or you can just type it.

Create New Document: You can create a new excel document and link your hyperlink to it from here. You will be given option to edit new file now or later.

E-mail Address: You can set an e-mail address for your hyperlink from here. When clicked, it will open your default e-mail software with this e-mail address is set to “To” field.

hyperlink (2)

Lets see hyperlink in action:

For this tutorial I’ll make a navigation menu for navigating inside a workbook and add usual beatexcel web page hyperlink.

Here is our menu. I just added 4 rounded rectangle and formatted them a little bit and added sheet names on the shapes.

Then I put a hyperlink for all the shapes addressed to sheets with same name as shown in the picture below.

When finished linking, I selected the range including background and shapes, copied and pasted it to other sheets. Now I have a menu that navigates between reports.

For the beatexcel hyperlink, I made the same thing but set my hyperlink on the shape as a web page. Gave web address as :http://beatexcel.com that is all.

I’m adding the example workbook for you to download and check it yourself.

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