IFS Function

With IFS Function you don’t need to deal with nested IF functions anymore. IFS is an if function that can take multiple conditions.

When there is a situation that you need to evaluate multiple conditions at once, you normally need to use multiple if functions together (nested if functions).

For example, you need to evaluate test scores based on the table below:


To achieve this in a formula, you need to build a nested if function like below:

=IF(D10>D3,”Very Good”,IF(D10>D4,”Good”,IF(D10>D5,”Normal”,IF(D10>D6,”Bad”,”Very Bad”))))

This formula has four if functions nested together.

Instead, you can achieve same result by using just one IFS function. Here how it is:

=IFS(D10>D3,”Very Good”,D10>D4,”Good”,D10>D5,”Normal”,D10>D6,”Bad”,D10<D6,”Very Bad”)

So, all you need to do with IFS function is to give a condition and a value for that condition repeatedly. You can use up to 127 conditions.

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