Interactive Chart Example – 3


Here is another interactive chart example. This time I’ve made a chart that shows data as you click. Great for presentations.

interactive chart example - 3

For this inteactive chart example, we are going to use;

Here is how to do it:

  1. Prepare a data with one series. I’m going to use month/revenue data.
  2. Make a horizontal table that has 2 rows, one for month, one for revenue.
  3. Fill the months into the table but leave revenue cells blank.
  4. Fill revenue data 1 or 2 rows below the table.
  5. Insert a column chart and select (empty) revenue field from table as series data and month field as axis data.
  6. Insert a horizontal scroll bar over the data table. Set 0 as current value and set min value as 0, max value as 12. Set cell link to anywhere you like.
  7.  Now enter this formula into first empty revenue field (for january) in data table:

=IF(scroll bar linked cell >0; revenue of corresponding moth;””)  (You can check example workbook for clarification if needed)

8.  Test your chart with scroll bar. In case of any problems you can check previous steps (from 5).

9.  If all is ok, format your chart and you are done.


You can download example workbook and practice with it.

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