Introduction to Excel VBA (Excel Macros)

Excel  has alot to offer in terms of functionality and solutions. But there are times that you may need some functionality that is out of the box. At this point, Excel VBA comes into play. You can make excel  perform tasks that are otherwise impossible or can automate repititve tasks using macros.


VBA stands for “Visual Basic for Applications”. So those of you that are familiar with programming will instantly realize that VBA is basically coding the functionality you require into Excel and use it as any other functionality. These small programs you code are generally referred as Macro(s).

There is also a without coding way of creating macros which is called Macro Recorder.

I’m not planning to make very long and boring posts about Excel VBA. Instead I will post tips, tutorials and useful examples in this category.

Here are the requirements for working with VBA efficiently:

  • A through understanding of Excel and it’s features (Also referred as being a power user).
  • A through understanding of basic concept of VBA structure.

Here is a link that can get you started. I advice you to invest a little time and read about concept and basics of VBA. Without this basic knowledge, you will have a unnecessarily hard time understanding codes and stuff.

Getting Started with VBA in Excel 2010

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