Joining Text in Excel

Have you ever needed to join two or more text values into one? Yes, excel has a built-in function for that too. But it is pretty useless since there is a better and faster way for joining text in excel.

Lets assume that you have some data to work with but date values comes broken to 3 separate columns as day, month and year. But you need a date value as “day/month/year”. So you need to join these text values into one with a certain order.

There is a built-in function for this joining text in excel called CONCATENATE. Concatenate works with two values. If you want to join text values in cells A2 and B2, your formula will be:


In our case we have more than 2 values to join. So we need to nest concatenate into concatenate for this task. But like I previously stated, there is no need to use concatenate at all! Not even for joining 2 text.

Here is what we are going to use: &

Yes, simple as this. If you need to join cells A1 and B1, just write =A2&B2 and it is done. Only thing to remember here is to write text values inside bracelets (like “text1” ).

Now back to our task at hand, we need to join several strings into one to make a usable date value. Under the assumption of day values are in column A, month values in column B and year values are in column C; our formula will be:

=A2&”/”&B2&”/”&C2                   (will return 12/04/2013)

This formula will join day/month/year values together. Notice that I used cell names as they are but / in bracelets because they were text vaules (I just wrote them while calling others from cells).

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  1. April 9, 2017

    […] An alternative way of joining text is using “&” as an operator. It is much easier and faster in my opinion. For more information on this, check Joining Text in Excel. […]

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