Minimalist Charts

Despite most general belief of “more you include into a chart, better it will become”, professionals almost always prioritize clarity and readability when it comes to charts. I am also a fan of hassle free, minimalist charts. I am posting some minimalist charts that are easy to understand, clean-looking and can fit in any report easily. Just to present you another way of data visualization.

Minimalist Bar Chart: A bar chart with no axes, no gridlines, no chart area, etc. Consumes very little space yet tells the exact same story with a traditional bar chart.

Minimalist Column Chart: Here are two versions of a minimalistic column chart very similar to the bar chart above.


Minimalist Donut Chart: An eye pleasing donut chart. This chart is practically another version of cool gauge chart visualizations.


Minimalist Combination Chart: A combination chart that uses donut and column charts together. I actually made this chart couple of months back and saw the same chart somewhere last week.


You can download example workbook for Minimalist Charts and check how they are made.

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2 Responses

  1. Z says:

    This makes my reports look neater and helps convey my messages better

  2. Sanjay says:

    Brilliant, helps make presentable charts, meaningful charts.

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